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Raiders set bar for sportsmanship

By May 4, 2024No Comments
The Holy Rosary Raiders senior girls basketball team recently returned from Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association provincials where they were awarded the Set the Bar Sportsmanship banner. Taylor Weaver Meridian Source


It may not be a medal, but the Holy Rosary High School Raiders senior girls basketball team recently returned from Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association (ASAA) provincials with something even more meaningful, a sportsmanship banner.

Under the direction of coach Ashley Fullarton, the Raiders received the ASAA Set The Bar banner, something she’s quite proud of.

“It’s a true testament to who the girls are, not only as players and students, but who they are as people. They’re the best group of people you could ever ask for.

“This is also a banner for the parents, they’re celebrating with us too after being so supportive. They’ve raised 12 amazing humans and now we have a little hardware to show for it.”

Only one sportsmanship banner is awarded each season, and the team receiving the award represents the true spirit of sportsmanship, integrity, ethics and fair play. 

“The values and ideals of sportsmanship are such an important part of a positive sporting experience for our student-athletes and it is a real honour for a team to be selected to receive the sportsmanship banner at a provincial event,” said the ASAA in a statement.

“This is awarded by the organizing committee,” added Fullarton. 

“The refs get a say, the opposing coaches also get a say in who wins. After every game, you fill out a rubric based on the players and coaches, and the refs do the same, and it then goes to a vote.”

For graduating captain Norah Matthews, the banner means a lot.

“I think it’s really awesome as it shows how well our team gets along, as well as how well we can represent our school while being kind one another, teammates, refs and other coaches,” said the multi-sport athlete. 

“I know some people have a hard time with that, and with the award being called ‘Set The Bar,’ I think we really did set the bar for future teams and coaches.

“No matter the game, I think sportsmanship is important.”

For Grade 12 guard Chloe Dorchak, who’s also finishing her high school basketball career, it doesn’t get much better.

“I was really excited when I found out because we played with such a great group of girls this year. I had so much fun, and this being my Grade 12 year, we kinda went out with a bang,” said Dorchak. 

“To get a banner at provincials shows a lot about our school, a lot about all of the girls individually and as a team, as well as about our coach.”

Power forward Presley Johnston, who’s also graduating this year, would have loved to return to Lloyd with some shiny new hardware, but she knows the importance of a sportsmanship award.

“Even though we didn’t medal, I think it was a really good representation,” said Johnston. “We still showed great sportsmanship, tried to represent Holy Rosary, and all the hard work we put in, we still got something out of it.”