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The Sticks to howl with laughter

By June 3, 2024No Comments
The Sticks will host the Best Man’s comedy tour on June 14 to raise money for Border Paws Animal Shelter and generate laughs. From left are comedians Chris Basso, Scott Porteous and Nelson Mayerer. Supplied Photo


Dog lovers are already howling with laughter in anticipation of the Man’s Best Friend Comedy Tour.

The chuckler sponsored by House of Paws Pet Boutique, will roll into The Sticks the evening of Friday, June 14 and raise funds for Border Paws Animal Shelter.

The night of laughs will feature comedians Scott Porteous, Chris Basso and Nelson Mayer with at least 30 per cent of the proceeds going to the local animal shelter.

“I’m an animal lover in general— if you want to count house spiders,” joked Porteous, who heads up the tour.

“I’m picky I guess. I’m more of a furry, nice animal lover—animals that are nice is what I accommodate to.”

The tour across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta from June 10-21 is also sponsored by Regina Peace of Mind Paws Pet and Home Sitting and Tracker’s Pet Supply, Athabasca.

Porteous was born and raised in Winnipeg and says the audience at The Sticks will be treated to some different comedic styles and approaches.

One routine will feature his own alter ego, Herbert Henries who put Canada’s Got Talent audience into stitches in 2023.

“Herbert is very interactive with the audience. It’s going to be a good time for everybody,” said Porteous, who describes his Herbert persona as a more awkward version of himself.

Basso, who lives in Nanaimo B.C., and Mayer in the Peg, will also tickle the funny bones. They and Porteous have made audiences laugh during appearances on Amazon Prime; Apple TV; APTN and The Winnipeg Comedy Festival. 

The doors open at 7 p.m. and tickets are just $30 a person or $50 for two.

“We definitely want to make sure prices are reasonable plus it’s for charity too,” said Porteous.