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Cranes hover over energy hub

By June 8, 2024No Comments
Dustin Kardynal, assistant superintendent of the Cenovus Energy Hub construction with PCL Construction, awaits the start of a city-run media tour at the site last Thursday. Geoff Lee Meridian Source


Steel joists continue to be hoisted in place by TNT Crane and Rigging equipment at the Cenovus Energy Hub construction site.

The action created a buzz during a city media tour at the site last Thursday with Counc. Jason Whiting providing a progress report and commentary.

“Things are going up and you’re starting to see the actual shape of the new facility,” said Whiting.

“It’s pretty cool and quite a sight to see with all the cranes happening and all the steel being erected and finally seeing the height of it and all that.”

Whiting says just driving past it, you can see it on the skyline.

Dustin Kardynal, assistant site superintendent with PCL Construction was on hand to point out specific features of the structure in various stages of completion.

The design plan of the event facility will create primary seating for 2,500, expandable up to 4,500 with floor seats, a second rink to seat 500 people and an outdoor rink adjacent to the building.

The construction footprint currently includes a huge stockpile of clay excavated in a Lake K stormwater stormwater project that will dwindle in size in the coming weeks.

“A lot of this clay is very valuable and will be used in another part of the city for work,” said Whiting.

The May 27 meeting of council approved a $923,022 contract to Arnold Earthmoving Ltd. of Saskatoon to move clay to where it’s needed.

A portion of the stockpile to be transported in 2024 will include the lands between 73 Avenue and 75 Avenue, south of 29 Street, west of the Lakeshore Estates development. 

Upon completion of the work, that site will be available for future development through the installation of municipal underground servicing, shallow utilities, and surface works construction.

Whiting says May saw a lot of rain that was good for farmers but he cautions, “it certainly does hamper a bit of the construction process.” 

The site includes plans for an entertainment district that could include everything from walking trails and slo-pitch diamonds to powered camping stalls, multi-retail and commercial units and a hotel.

Whiting says those amenities will come after the completion of the event facility in late 2025.

“The main focus right now is this event facility,” he said.

“We’re looking forward to getting it constructed and some of the CRUs (commercial retail units) that will be constructed around the same time.” 

Whiting also commented on what the energy hub will bring to the region.

“It will be used by everybody from individuals and people in the community to those in the surrounding areas,” he said.

“We are excited for it and all the uses it will have for everybody around here not just the people in Lloydminster.”