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B.C. company purchases Excel Insurance in Lloydminster

A local company has changed hands as Westland insurance purchased Lloydminster’s Excel Insurance.

The acquisition of Excel was made effective June 24.

Lareese Graf, owner of Excel Insurance, will be assuming the role of general manager with Westland says customers can expect much of the same.

“Nothing will change for our clients, they will be represented by a different brokerage, the companies remain the same and the staff helping them will remain the same,” she explained. “From a customer perspective it will be no different.”

In the past. Graf and her partners had been approached to sell but they never felt it was the right fit.

“We’ve been approached multiple times over the last few years, every other time we’ve said no, this time, it was a good fit, Westland’s culture and mindset is similar to ours” she said.

Graf says although they are a large corporation, they want things to remain the same and have no intention of changing how they deal with clients. She also said there is a possibility of expanding commercial service thanks to the acquisition.

“We will have people that can help us understand the risks, and place the risks better, commercially.”

The acquisition of Excel now brings the B.C. based Westland Insurance into a new market as they continue to expand across Canada. In a press release, Westland says the acquisition not only strengthens their presence in the region but allows them to extend services a new community.

“We look forward to partnering with them as we journey to become Canada’s favourite insurance broker,” said Jamie Lyons, president and CEO of Westland Insurance.

Excel first opened its doors in 2006 under the name Wilson Insurance when Scott Musgrave and Doug Wilson First Partnered. Then in 2011, Daryl Swanson of Phoenix Insurance merged with Wilson Insurance renaming themselves to Excel Insurance.

Excel Insurance was purchased was an undisclosed amount.

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