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Border City plays host to badminton districts

By May 4, 2022No Comments
Lloyd Comp Baron Tristan Smith keeps his eye on the prize while competing in senior boys’ doubles with Dhoopan Naik. The pair had a successful weekend on the court and advanced to regionals. Taylor Weaver Meridian Source


If you’re a high school student that plays badminton, there’s a good chance you competed in the Border City this past weekend.

Saskatchewan High Schools Athletic Association (SHSAA) badminton districts took place in Lloydminster on Saturday with winners advancing to regionals next weekend in Olser, Sask.

Competition took place between Lloydminster Comprehensive High School and Holy Rosary High School and brought in a great group of competitors and spectators. 

“We had five districts come here to play and the top two in each category go on to regionals,” said Barons badminton coach Diane Gow. 

“The competition today has been fantastic, and things could have gone either way for everyone here competing. You just never know who’s going to show up for these and what kind of game they’re bringing.”

The results from Saturday’s competition were as follows:

Junior Results

Girls Singles 1 – Katherine Thiessen, College Park

Girls Singles 2 – Ryder Rachinski, E.S. Laird

Girls Singles 3 – Amy Arlitt, Goodsoil

Boys Singles 1 – KC Reyes, Holy Rosary

Boys Singles 2 – Sam Rawluk, Bishop Lloyd

Boys Singles 3 – Aaron Fink, Paradise Hill

Girls Doubles 1 – Karter Dougan and Skylar Heinrichs, Bishop Lloyd

Girls Doubles 2 – Addison Greenaway and Nikki Batang, Bishop Lloyd

Girls Doubles 3 – Sam Bauer and Kara Stephenson, St. Walburg

Boys Doubles 1 – Jaxton Sayers and Brady Carr, Edam

Boys Doubles 2 – Rylan Smith and Jared Mendoza, Bishop Lloyd

Boys Doubles 3 – Nate Hawryluk and Chase Boser, E.S. Laird

Mixed Doubles 1 –Rogan Macnab and Lauren O’Grady, Bishop Lloyd

Mixed Doubles 2 – Jory Wagner and Lindsey Randell, Bishop Lloyd

Mixed Doubles 3 – Beckett Rogers and Vayda McDonald, Edam

Senior Results 

Girls Singles 1 – Emma Gray, Lloyd Comp

Girls Singles 2 – Mykayla Pylypow, Glaslyn

Girls Singles 3 – Lana Duriez, Paradise Hill

Boys Singles 1 – Quinn Dobsworth, Lloyd Comp

Boys Singles 2 – Josh Nolasco, Lloyd Comp

Boys Singles 3 – Adam Jetzke, St. Walburg

Girls Doubles 1 – Bree Brassard and Krezhanna Delima, Lloyd Comp

Girls Doubles 2 – Carlie Mosimann and Randi Car, St. Walburg

Girls Doubles 3 – Joelene Fergason and Hanna Gerlinsky, Maidstone

Boys Doubles 1 – Tristan Smith and Dhoopan Naik, Lloyd Comp

Boys Doubles 2 – Kylan Karst and Aidyn Williamson, St. Walburg

Boys Doubles 3 – Ben Rawluk and Connor Roscoe, Lloyd Comp

Mixed Doubles 1 – Kaelyn Larre and Rylee Augustin, St. Walburg

Mixed Doubles 2 – Shepherd Gow and Ara Huerto, Lloyd Comp

Mixed Doubles 3 – Tristan Cox and Angel P, Maidstone