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Colour Run supports quality of life for all

By September 14, 2022No Comments
The Bea Fisher Group of Companies held its annual Colour Run at Bud Miller All Seasons Park last Friday night. The fun run not only helps the non-profit organization raise much-needed funds for programming and services, it also helps spread awareness as to what the group is all about and what they do in the community. Taylor Weaver Meridian Source Photos


Lloydminster and area residents were seeing a rainbow at Bud Miller All Seasons Park last Friday as the Bea Fisher Group of Companies held its annual Colour Run.

Almost a decade-old tradition, the run has become a beloved community event which helps add a little more colour into the lives of those with developmental disabilities. 

The run also helps the organization bring in much-needed funds for capital projects and improvement projects throughout the year.

“We are back here in beautiful Bud Miller All Seasons Park for the Colour Run, and I can’t be more excited about the weather we’re getting right now,” said Kim Crockett, marketing business coordinator at Bea Fisher. “The crowd is starting to show up now, and today is all about supporting individuals with developmental disabilities. 

“Funds from this year’s run will be going to support a couple of things. Sometimes we have specialized equipment we need to purchase for the individuals we provide care for, and we’ve also always got some sort of capital project on the go.



Crockett went on to explain a potentially exciting upcoming capital project for Bea Fisher includes kitchen renovations at four of its care homes sometime in the next year.

“That’s the sort of project that would see financial assistance from events like we’re hosting today,” said Crockett.

For those who have never participated in a colour run, it’s quite simple really, and Crockett explained the run is open to anyone and everyone who wishes to come out and have some fun.

“We’ve got about a 5km course set up around Bud Miller park,” he said. 

“There are five stations throughout the park, and at each of those stations, there are volunteers who are going to be throwing some powdered colour at the runners as they go past. It’s a whole lot of fun, especially if you’re one of the kids because they like to run through two or three times until they’re really coloured up.

“The runners then make their way to the end where Kurt Price is doing some MCing for us, we’ve got First Class Entertainment doing some tunes, Stubble Jumper’s Cafe is here selling some of their food; it’s just a big fun family-friendly night here at the park.”



After another very busy calendar weekend in the Border City, Crockett was pleased with the turnout at the event and thanked the community for its continued support.

As far as a fundraising goal, Crockett explained “For an event like this we normally don’t have a fundraising goal in mind, every dollar makes a difference.”

“Our big fundraiser we’ve got coming up is our New Year’s Eve Gala, that’s going to be the one we really hope to make a big splash at in four months’ time,” he said.

Established in the community over 50 years ago, the Bea Fisher Group of Companies continues to look for ways to improve the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities living in and near Lloydminster. 

For more information and tickets for the Bea Fisher’s New Year’s Eve Gala, follow the link here.