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Kids auction McDavid for art’s sake

By June 20, 2024No Comments
Lloydminster Public School Division Art Academy teacher, Derek Kappel, at College Park School, checks out a collaborative painting of Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid at the academy’s public art show last Thursday. Two McDavid pieces were auctioned off to raise funds for the program next year. Geoff Lee Meridian Source


There’s Michelangelo’s David and there’s McDavid by the Lloydminster Public School Division (LPSD) Art Academy.

A couple of collaborative academy artworks of Edmonton Oilers’ hockey star Connor McDavid proved to be just as priceless to local art collectors as the famed marble statue of David.

A painting of the Oiler’s icon fetched $950 and a drawing $350 at auction on Monday to help fund next year’s art program. The pieces also helped to draw a crowd for the LPSD academy’s public art show at College Park School last Thursday.

“Every year, they create a piece to auction off for the program,” said artist-in-residence Brandi Hofer.

“Connor McDavid is an obvious choice and it just overlapped with playoffs. It just got the excitement going for everyone.”

Grade 6 LPSD academy teacher Derek Kappel says the kids were free to exhibit anything they’ve worked on all year or a final project including a drawing, a painting or photographs.

“They worked really hard and there are some amazing artwork pieces including a few big artwork pieces they worked on together,” said Kappel.

“I think everybody’s really excited to show their parents and families what they’ve done and be proud of what they’ve been able to accomplish.”

Grade 5 academy kid, Ava Laboucane, was eager to talk about her three exhibits, especially her painting of American singer Taylor Swift.

“I like her, she’s one of my favourite artists,” she said. I also painted a sunset and I painted a drawing of me.”

The young prodigy also loves everything about the art academy itself.

“It’s been so much fun and I signed up for next year. I like painting new things that I’ve never painted and learning new things,” she said.

The program is also a delight for Hofer, who founded the art education program for youth and is awed by what the youngsters come up with throughout the school year.

“I’m surprised by them every day. They show up and they’re just gung-ho ready to create,” said Hofer.

“Whatever it is, they’re so excited. I really love to see that enthusiasm because that means we’ve done something right.

“We’ve created this safe space for them to completely be themselves and express who they are.”

That’s the way it is for Remi Fallis in Grade 5 who paints and plays piano.

He explained what his two very different art pieces on display were all about starting with an animal-themed painting.

“We have goats in our house and I really enjoy them, so that’s where my inspiration is for doing this,” he said.

“The collage one is a bunch of cardboard stuck onto each other and the background painted on.”

Remi also took a turn playing the piano for visitors at the show and talked about that too.

“I really enjoy the piano. I was playing the Angel Fish. It was some of my favourite songs I did it for my year-end recital too,” he said.

He’s also going to be in the art academy next year as well as studying piano as a member of FOPA (friends of performing arts) next year.

The collaborative pieces of art included an agenda cover for College Park done in neon as well as the two notable Connor McDavid prints.

“They are both framed up beautifully and ready to be auctioned off to support the academy next year,” said Kappel.

“We did a large Connor McDavid collaborative piece, so a big group of kids painted the background and then we collaged on the main image.

“Students coloured and created the design to help add their own personal touch.”