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Lloyd leaders royally honoured

By December 1, 2022No Comments
Edmonton Mayor Amerjeet Sohi, right, and all sitting mayors in Alberta, including Lloydminster Mayor Gerald Aalbers, received a Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal presented at a ceremony attended by Sohi in Edmonton. Lloydminster councillor Glenn Fagnan also received a medal. File Photo


Lloydminster Mayor Gerald Aalbers and councillor Glenn Fagnan have been given the Royal treatment.

Aalbers is on the list of recipients for a Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee medal from Alberta Municipalities (ABmunis) as a sitting mayor and Fagnan as a community builder.

Neither of them was among the 150 Albertans from central and northern Alberta to receive their medals in person at the Westin Edmonton ballroom on Sunday.

Medals were also given to past ABmunis presidents and lifetime members. 

“This is the most memorable honour I have received as the mayor of Lloydminster, and I can only hope to serve our region with a fraction of the Queen’s dutifulness,” said Aalbers. 

Fagnan was totally unaware of the award and says he is not one for individual awards, anyway.

“I’m just a small cog in a wheel. I work with some tremendous volunteers. I’m just a regular guy and I guess they pulled my number,” he said Tuesday.

The citation on his medal read as follows: “Glenn is the executive director of Border City Connects. He has contributed countless hours to serving the residents of Lloydminster. He serves on the Olive Tree board and was instrumental in the purchase of a permanent building and establishing a community kitchen to serve those in need.”

Fagnan was notified he is receiving one of 70 Platinum Jubilee pins in the riding on behalf of the federal government for his outstanding volunteerism and positive contributions to those around him in a letter from Lakeland MP Shannon Stubbs on Nov. 17.

The Government of Saskatchewan struck 7,000 Jubilee medals to commemorate the Queen’s 70-year anniversary.

The Government of Alberta also struck 7,000 Platinum Jubilee medals to commemorate Her Majesty’s unsurpassed reign.

“I thank the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan for striking a medal in honour of Her Majesty’s 70-year history as our monarch,” said Aalbers.

“She continues to touch the lives of many, and her commitment to the people of the Commonwealth has left an indelible mark in our hearts.”

Medals in Alberta are being distributed to worthy recipients on behalf of the provincial government by numerous partner organizations, including ABmunis.

Trina Jones, Alberta Municipalities’ vice president of towns, extended her sincere congratulations to all the mayoral recipients at Sunday’s ceremony including Aalbers.

“As the mayor of legal, she said she understands, first-hand, the roles and responsibilities of a mayor, and said they were all so deserving of this honour,” said an ABmunis spokesperson.

ABmunis will host a similar medal ceremony in Calgary on Dec. 4 for about 100 more medal recipients from central and southern Alberta.