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Lloyd shows support for Freedom Convoy

By February 2, 2022No Comments
Supporters of the Freedom Convoy came out in droves on Saturday morning along Highway 16 in front of City Hall.  Taylor Weaver Meridian Source


A symphony of airhorns could be heard throughout the Border City on Saturday as residents rallied at city hall to show their support for the Freedom Convoy, which arrived in Ottawa this week.

Colin Souter, co-chapter leader for Lloydminster with Action4Canada, said Saturday’s turnout was amazing and encouraging for the future. 

“Last week was our first rally,” said Souter. 

“I got involved with Action4Canada because I’ve seen what was happening. It’s not about a virus, it’s about control.

“Action4Action, we’re spreading word that, what our government is doing to us is against our freedoms and rights. Freedoms and rights we have as individuals, freedoms and rights we have as Canadians.”

The Freedom Convoy is about more than just masking, as stated by many in attendance; there’s a bigger picture here. 

“The end goal for us is to stop the mandates, get our freedoms back, live our lives as we want to,” said Souter.

“Seeing what’s happening with the truckers going across Canada and seeing what we’ve got here in this wonderful city, it is just encouraging knowing we’re on the right path to a long road.”


Freedom Convoy supporters wave Canadian flags to passing vehicles on Saturday morning. Taylor Weaver Meridian Source


Mayor Gerald Aalbers was also in attendance, not on behalf of the City, but to show his support.

“They’ve taken a message, and I hope our elected officials in Ottawa sit down and hear that message. It’s a message about freedom, it’s a message about individual rights, talking about where they are and expressing their feelings,” said Aalbers. 

“When politicians have the opportunity to hear from people, we have a responsibility, (whether it’s) municipal, provincial, federal, to talk to people and hear them out, and I hope they do. The convoy folks are going to try to change people’s minds, and I hope they have some success.”

Born and raised in the Border City, Cole Marsh, who is a painter by trade, was draped in red, white, and blue on Saturday, while proudly waving an American flag.


Cole Marsh proudly sported some red, white, and blue on Saturday. Taylor Weaver Meridian Source


“I’m dressed like this to incorporate our southern brothers into the movement because it’s not just us, it’s worldwide right now,” said Marsh. 

“This has gone beyond just Canadian politics, this is worldwide and we gotta end the mandates and the tyranny, basically. 

“We have to bring freedom and business back into the world. We gotta get workin’ again. This is the bottom line, this is what it’s all about. Nobody is making money, and we could be making tons, so let’s turn on the pipes, let’s get the energy flowing, and let’s get back to work!”

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