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Lloydminster Legion gets overdue facelift

By September 15, 2022No Comments
Taylor Weaver Meridian Source Photos


It’s an exciting time at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #39 Lloydminster after the exterior of the building recently underwent a much-needed facelift.

“We were able to secure some grant money from the Saskatchewan government through the Legion, so we re-did the front steps,” said the local Legion’s 1st vice president, Vince Scott. 

“The stairs were deteriorating and looked pretty bad. So we fixed the steps, painted the railings and got that all done and finished up.

“We also did some work to the back of the building and installed brand new lighting all around the outside of the building, so it really looks alive again.”

The stairs at the front of the building are now coated in rubber pallets making them much safer to use, as well as much more visually appealing.

“We put down an epoxy so they’re there for the lifespan of the product. We were able to go overtop of the existing steps, which were concrete and rotting and rusting out, so we had to clean all of that up, float it, and then put this stuff on,” said Scott. 

“Before, there were broken edges on the stairs, and now, the stairs are safe. The improvements weren’t just about aesthetics, they were also about safety.”

As far as improvements at the back of the building, Scott explained the old set of wooden stairs, as well as a 35-year-old shed, have been removed and the grounds have been cleaned up to make everything look better.



“We put a catwalk from one door to the other as well as new stairs, and everything been nicely welded and painted,” he said, adding the fact a leak in the building’s basement was also repaired this summer. 

“There’s still a bit of work to finish them off that I’m not sure I’ll get done this year, but they’re going to look sharp when everything is all said and done.”

With the majority of funding for improvements coming from the Saskatchewan government, Scott pointed out it takes more than money to keep the lights on.

“This work couldn’t have been completed without our great group of volunteers that always come out and help us,” he said. 

“Whether it be the executives or those that help us sell hot dogs or tickets, or whatever it is, it takes a whole group of us to make this place run, it’s not one person, it takes the whole crew of us to get things done.”

Another semi-recent change at the Legion has been the addition of Flavours and Rolls, a restaurant leasing out the building’s kitchen serving up everything from fish and chips to classic Filipino dishes.

“We leased out our kitchen to Flavours and Rolls and they’ve come in and done a tremendous job,” said Scott. 

“People have been loving what they’ve been doing here so we’re going to sign into a longer lease with them to keep things going.”