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LMA explores long-awaiting science exhibit

By January 26, 2023No Comments
Taylor Weaver Photo


Space and science enthusiasts of all ages are over the moon with the Health and Space: Daring to Explore exhibit, currently on display at the Lloydminster Museum + Archives.

“This exhibit, Health and Space: Daring to Explore, is about the intersection between health, so how we get and stay healthy, and how we do that in space,” said Holly Durawa, collections coordinator at the Lloydminster Museum + Archives. 

“So, how do astronauts get healthy to go to space, when they’re up there, how do they stay healthy in isolation, and when they come back down, how do they get back to normal ‘earth healthy?’”

Other aspects of space travel explored in the exhibit are variable gravity and radiation.

Durawa also explained bringing this specific exhibit to the museum has been years in the making.

“I booked (this exhibit) during COVID and then cancelled it because there’s a lot of touch buttons in here,” she said. 

“I’m pumped we could bring it back post-COVID and we haven’t had a science exhibit in a while. I’m so excited to get something in for the science people and the wannabe astronauts in town.”

The exhibit is on loan from the Ingenium Group of Institutions in Ottawa – Canada’s Museum of Science and Innovation, in collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency

“They provided all the work and all of the lovely research, and we set it up and brought it to the people here,” she said.

The exhibit will be on display until April 16 and is included in general admission at the museum. Adults – $7.50, students (13-17) – $6, seniors (60+) – $5.25, youth (6-12) – $5, preschool (3-5) – $3 and kids under 2 are free.

“There’s some really cool videos and interactive games on video screens, which are good for people of all ages,” said Durawa.

“There’s also some fun interacts where you stick your head in a spinning portal and get a little dizzy, just like an astronaut would when there’s no gravity or up or down.”