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Lyons retires with a roar

By June 30, 2022No Comments
Surprise! Rendell Park School principal, Sheldon Gallagher, congratulates teacher Scott Lyons on his retirement after 31 years of teaching at the school in front of a school assembly. Coming into the gym are vice principal Amy Skinner and acting LPSD director, Scott Wouters. Geoff Lee Meridian Source


A teacher can make a huge difference in a young person’s life. 

That was the lesson learned during a farewell assembly at Rendell Park School for teacher, Scott Lyons, a day before the school year ended at the Lloydminster Public School Division (LPSD).

Staff, teachers and 450 students met in the gym to surprise and congratulate Lyons on his retirement after 31 years of teaching excellence in the same building.

Lyons is one of 20 new retirees at LPSD, including 13 teachers.

“He was one of the most loved and respected people I’ve ever met in my life. He’s going to leave a huge hole at Rendell Park and the entire division,” said school principal Sheldon Gallagher.

“Our staff love him, our parents love him and our kids love him.”

Lyons was greeted with loud cheering and music the moment he stepped into the gym, followed by some introductory remarks by Gallagher.

“We wanted to do something really special for our friend, our teacher,” he said, noting Lyons came to Rendell with one year of teaching in British Columbia.

“He decided that was too far away from their friends and family in Saskatoon so he and his wife moved here and he’s been here ever since. 

“He’s made a boatload of friends and connections and made the world a better place.”

Gallagher noted Lyons is best known for his coaching and his involvement in extracurricular activities.

LPSD acting director, Scott Wouters, told the assembly Lyons made everybody better.

“I watched him with kids, I watched him with the staff and adults, and this gentlemen is someone that makes everyone better each and every day. Cheers, and we’ll be golfing together,” said Wouters.

Lyons was grateful for the tributes, noting he could feel the energy and the love for him the moment he stepped into the gym with everyone cheering him on. 

“The students and families from Rendell Park made it a fantastic community to teach in. I look forward to (hearing) ‘Hi Mr. Lyons’ for the rest of my life,” he said.

He says his plans are to sub, learn more on his guitar fretboard, learn Spanish, visit Mexico and spend more time with his family with his son Aaron looking on.

Teachers Erin Stark, Karmen Weaver and Shawn Coulter also took turns sharing some inside teaching stories about Lyons.

Coulter also spoke to the kids about what it means that Mr. Lyons is retiring.

“Kids, as you put it, ‘he gone.’ He plans to be on the golf course while you are all sitting in your teacher’s classroom trying to make sense of what they’re telling you,” said Coulter.

“Basically Mr. Lyons’ retirement will be ‘sick’ and for us, it stinks.”

Teacher Stephanie Hurd told Lyons it was a real pleasure sharing a class with him the past two years. 

“Thanks for being so flexible, so easy going and an absolute blast to work with. Enjoy your retirement, but please come back to help me line the field and ref our soccer games,” said Hurd.

Lyons said going forward, his car is going to have to learn a different route and go somewhere else because for 31 years it’s been coming to Rendell.

“Thank you to my Rendell Park family. Thank you to all the students, It’s been great.

“All of you teachers, you’re what it’s all about. Relationships are everything and I’ve had a lot. I’m grateful. It’s been a great journey, and holy smokes did you get me.”

The celebration for Lyons helped to energize former Meridian Source sports reporter, Jamie Harkins, who is hoping to start substitute teaching in Lloydminster this fall.

“Just to see the great effect he had on his colleagues and also on the children, it seems like a wonderful profession to take up,” said Harkins, who enjoyed the proceedings.

“It seems like Mr. Lyons is an inspiration to look up to.”