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Mother Teresa students enjoy self-prepped meal

By October 20, 2022No Comments
Grade 1 students Marc and Harrison ham it up at Mother Teresa Early Childhood Learning Centre on Oct. 7 prior to enjoying a Thanksgiving feast at the school. The holiday feast was extra special as students helped prepare everything. Taylor Weaver Meridian Source


It was all-hands-on-deck at Mother Teresa Early Childhood Learning Centre as Grade 1 students helped prepare a Thanksgiving feast prior to the long weekend.

The feast was enjoyed on Oct. 7 and students had a hand in the process right from the get-go.

 “On Wednesday they helped us make buns, they made placemats, they came in with some parent volunteers and were peeling and cutting  carrots and potatoes,” said Madisyn Schille, a Grade 1 student teacher from the U of S. 

“They helped today with the cooking through stirring and putting stuff in the pots, and they came in and set their placements.”

“They’ve been a part of the whole process, which is really awesome because they get that hands-on learning experience.”

Schille went on to explain students talked about eating turkey all week prior to the feast, but they were also excited about being able to help prepare the meal.

“They’re getting those hands-on skills and they’re also getting set up for the future,” she said.

“They’re counting carrots and potatoes, so there’s still those academics involved with it, but they get to develop those social and emotions pieces of school, which are also important.”

The students’ homemade placemats included what each child was thankful for that year, and some of the answers left Schille pleasantly surprised.

Grade 1 student Marc said he was thankful for God because “He’s so important, and if you’re in Heaven, you can enjoy having joy there.”

His classmate Harrison said he was thankful for his school “because it’s important to learn stuff, and learn all about God, and Daryn said she was thankful for her cat.

“Some of their responses were really awesome; they’re thankful for their family and friends, so they really understand the idea of Thanksgiving. Lots of them were thankful for school and their teachers, and I think it’s awesome they’re communicating that in their writing.”

All supplies were donated by students’ families, and parent volunteers were also invited to feast to help out with the rest of the prep work.