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Queen: It’s a Kinda Magic coming to the Vic

By May 18, 2022No Comments
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Hit Australian musical stage production Queen: It’s a Kinda Magic is returning to Canadian stages for a full national tour and takes the stage at the Vic Juba Community Theatre on June 5.

Originally scheduled for 2020, the tour underwent several postponements due to the worldwide pandemic restrictions which have crippled international travel and entertainment venues for more than two years. Now back on track for this summer, the tour will perform 36 shows right across the country.

The production recreates Queen’s 1986 European Magic Tour with South Africa’s  Dominic Warren playing the role of Freddie Mercury. 

“We try and recreate the 1986 Queen Tour, and we have it all down to the authentic instruments, all the crazy costumes and all of the lights; it’s a huge spectacle,” said Warren, adding the fact the show’s cast is brand new.

“This is our first time playing Canada and we’re very excited. So far it’s been amazing,” he said. “We’ve done 10 shows so far and every single one of them has been filled with high-energy audiences. I can’t believe how energetic the Canadian audiences are.”

Having grown up listening to Queen from a young age, Warren explained filling Freddie Mercury’s shoes wasn’t an easy task, but he was up for the challenge.

“One thing I always say is, it’s important to realize there’s only going to be one Freddie Mercury. So, the way I go about doing Freddie Mercury, it’s not necessarily to be him, but to play tribute to him as best I can,” he said. 

“Obviously I dress like him, I look a little bit like him, but we focus on the mannerisms and the energy that Queen brings and we try to create the best tribute we can.”

Rave reviews from around the world have the tribute show pegged as the best in the world, something Warren strives to deliver on stage every night. 

“I choose to believe we’re the best in the world at doing this; I’d love to believe that,” said Warren. “But I think we’re all equally passionate about what we do, and it shows.

“Rusty, who plays Brian May, is absolutely obsessed with Brian May to the point where, at home, he’s pretty much got the exact same rig as Brian May to practise on at home. He spent years finding the right amps from the ‘60s and ‘70s to get the perfect sound … It gets that nit-picky. The drummer and I went to boarding school together and have been playing together since we were about 13 or 14, so it’s a very close-knit group. The bass player is also probably the best John Deacon you’ll find. He’s got long, luscious hair, and he’s just precise on those notes and those bass lines.”

This will be the long-running production’s first Canadian tour since 2018, and the first visit with the new cast, including South African music prodigy Dominic Warren. Performing as ‘Freddie Mercury,’ Warren takes on the enormous task of performing Queen’s biggest hits – all live on stage and in their original key – for up to six shows per week.

Queen: It’s a Kinda Magic will be live at the Vic Juba on June 5 for a 7 p.m. show.