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Richardson’s Jewellery solid as rock in new home

By May 12, 2022No Comments
Wayne Fisher and his kids, Nicole and Matt, couldn’t wait to open the doors to the new Richardson’s Jewellery location. Taylor Weaver Meridian Source


The Fisher family was all smiles last week as they officially welcomed the public to the new Richardson’s Jewellery location.

The official grand opening took place on Thursday with Lloydminster Mayor Gerald Aalbers and industry representatives on-site to show their support for Wayne Fisher, his wife, Cathy, and their kids, Matt and Nicole.

The new store is located at #1 5405 44 Street, situated inside the old Tim Hortons location. 

“This is awesome. We’re just having a great time,” said Wayne about the new location. 

“This new store is stunning. We have a great design team. My daughter and my wife are the designers and Bexson Construction were the ones that put it all together and made it what it is today, and we’re just so excited.”

In true Lloydminster fashion, the grand opening wasn’t complete without a silent auction with funds being donated to a local non-profit.

“We decided to give back to the community and do a silent auction in the store. We approached 30 local businesses to give a donation and they all gave a different item, with 100 per cent of proceeds from the auction going to the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation,” said Wayne.

“Hopefully we can reach $20,000 and give the whole works to the health foundation.”

Richardson’s Jewellery originally opened in the Border City 42 years ago and Wayne bought into the business in 2002.

“That’s 20 years our family has been here, but we’ve been in the retail business in Lloydminster since my grandfather opened the store back in 1949,” said Wayne. 

“The Fisher family has been around a long time and this store is the future of the business for my kids. I won’t be here forever and the two of them are doing a great job here.”

For Matt, the new space is exciting due to its brightness as well as highway frontage visibility, and for Nicole, being able to see outside the store’s windows was a nice change of scenery.

“We also left the old tables outside because our goal is for people to come here and have their lunch or grab a coffee and sit and enjoy a nice day,” said Matt. 

“It would be great if one day people say ‘hey let’s go have a coffee and lunch in front of the Richardson’s building instead of the Tims’ building,’ but that’s probably going to take a while, but we’d love to see and hear that.”