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Rotarian pitches city sponsorships

By December 7, 2022No Comments
Chad Kozak is the City of Lloydminster’s new coordinator of sales and sponsorship and spoke to the Rotary Club of Lloydminster about exciting opportunities for local businesses on Monday. Geoff Lee Meridian Source


Chad Kozak has reinvented himself with a new business card to boot.

Kozak is using the business connections he developed as a sales rep for Turnip Smart Security in his new role as coordinator of sales and sponsorship for the City of Lloydminster.

The Rotary and Lloydminster Chamber of Commerce member talked about available sponsorship and advertising opportunities for businesses in a lunch presentation to the Rotary Club of Lloydminster on Monday with an eye to getting the best bang for the buck for both parties.

“I’m able to approach local businesses and come up with a solution that works for both of us, so to help out with brand recognition, advertising and to engage them in city assets,” said Kozak about his role.

Kozak rattled off a current list of sponsorship opportunities at Servus Sports Centre, Russ Robertson Arena, inside the Bioclean Aquatic Centre, the tennis courts, the pickleball and basketball courts at Bud Miller, the outdoor pool and the outdoor skating oval.

“There’s a lot of good different opportunities companies could have with us,” said Kozak who was hired as a sponsorship frontman in August.

He says the city is flexible on the length of any deal noting they do ask for a bare minimum of three to five years for naming rights that come with a cost of up to $20,000.

“With that being said we always want to keep the lines of communication open to offer good value to businesses that are coming up to do some sponsorship with us,” said Kozak.

“We like to be very thorough and ask a lot of questions to know the different businesses in the area to make sure we’re going into everything together.”

Kozak says the main benefits for a business sponsor with the city are an opportunity to broadcast their brand messaging and gain exposure to marketing with some creativity in play.

He cited an example of the Lloydminster and District Co-op running a month-long gorilla marketing campaign for just $500 by attracting people with the catchphrase, See Yourself as a Co-op Member by scanning a QR code.

In another recent case, Canadian Natural Resources sponsored a month-long walk across Canada fitness challenge on the Agland running track at the Servus Sports Centre.

“I can’t stress enough, if someone wants to put a banner up and leave it at that, then that’s fine, but we want to dig deeper and help bring top of mind to different companies in the community,” said Kozak. 

“We’re open to different ideas.”

Sponsorship and adverting Sponsorship and advertising revenue support recreational opportunities for current and future generations of residents and visitors.

“I’m part of a young family and my wife and kids enjoy going to the different city facilities,” said Kozak.

“We see different brands there and there’s different programs and different subsidies that are offered throughout.”

“But it’s really nice to be sort of that one-two relationship where both parties can win on the city side of things as well as the particular sponsor.”

Kozak is also starting to have some conversations with companies about opportunities at the proposed Lloydminster Place event area.

“Over the next two to three years there’s a lot of good assets that I can now start having conversations with,” he said.

“That’s what I’m focused on now with an eye on what’s going to happen in the future as well.”