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Shad days loom for LCHS teen

By March 19, 2022March 24th, 2022No Comments
Delara Jadidizadeh, an outstanding math and science student at LCHS, has been selected by Shad Canada to attend a summer learning opportunity in STEM and entrepreneurship at one of 18 universities. She finds out where this month. Geoff Lee Meridian Source


She’s glad for Shad.

Delara Jadidizadeh, a Grade 11 student at Lloydminster Comprehensive High School (LCHS), is excited to find out which university Shad Canada is sending her to this summer for an advanced learning opportunity.

“I think it’s going to be a great stepping stone for the future,” she said.

The outstanding student has been selected by Shad for one of its science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and entrepreneurship programs for students at 18 universities across Canada from July 3-29.

“They will be given our placement by the end of March,” said Delara last week. 

“We were given our top seven campuses, however; I think I’m more leaning towards the University of Calgary and UBC.”

The Shad program is for students who are deemed to be community-minded, creative, engaged, curious and want to make an impact in Canada and the world.

Delara says she loves learning about science and problem solving and wants to be a scientist, based on her interest and ability in science and math courses and the different workshops, labs and experiments at LCHS.

Delara is also a member of the LCHS science club with Shad being right up her alley.

“I decided to apply for the Shad program because I thought it would be an amazing opportunity for me to gain more knowledge within the STEM field and be able to interact with other students my age,” she said.

“I think I will be able to gain more knowledge and experience at different types of STEM.”

She might also learn Shad is named after a fish found in Shad Creek in Aurora where the program started.

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Education wants students to initiate learning outside of school and offers Grades 10 and 11 students a special project credit for participating in Shad.

“The special project is not actually determined until we go to the campus, however; every year it’s a project determined about recent events that have occurred that year,” explained Delara.

The Ministry of Education notes students can earn an elective credit towards high school graduation for taking part in the Shad summer program.

“It came out as a call for students that might be interested, but the students had to be individual learners, highly motivated, and the marks had to be there,” said LCHS career counsellor Lisa Spence.

“So for Delara to be accepted into this program, it was definitely a feather in her cap. Of course, it looks good on our school to have her here.”

Delara is the only LCHS student going to Shad, although others students applied.

Spence noted Shad Canada chooses the students based on their marks, their application and references from teachers, with Delara the top pick from LCHS.

“She is a very outstanding student,” said Spence.

“This year, she’ll be writing the advanced placement (AP) tests for biology, world history, psychology, English and math—she actually takes it upon herself to study more AP classes.” 

Delara is not the only one in her family with a knack for math and science.

“My older brother is going to be coming here next year and he also likes STEM and is looking forward to looking at computer sciences and engineering,” said Delara, who also has a sibling in Grade 2.