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Speedy Santa guided by Kiwanis

By December 15, 2022No Comments
Jonas and Aria, two students in Lisa Bender’s Kindergarten class, were all smiles on Monday as they were surprised by Santa and Kiwanis Elf Vera Gallant during the club’s annual Christmas project. Geoff Lee Meridian Source


Santa is hoping he dodged a speeding ticket this week zipping around in an SUV. 

He was in a rush to help the Lloydminster Kiwanis Club deliver 1,700 bags of Christmas treats to all elementary school boys and girls in just two days.

“Oh it’s a very busy time of year, all right, but it’s a very good feeling to make all these boys and girls smile,” said Santa, who had a couple of classes to check off his list on Tuesday.

As usual, Santa was accompanied by Kiwanis secretary, Vera Gallant, who calls this Christmas project the most fun part of the year.

“We have hit every school as of yesterday,” said Gallant, who guided Santa back to Rendell Park Elementary School on Tuesday to visit two remaining kindergarten classes.

“We’re going to see all these boys and girls and give them a treat and make them smile and I want to hear a Christmas song from them and enjoy,” explained Santa.

Unfortunately, Santa did not have time to chat with every child on his knee this year due to Gallant being the only available Kiwanis elf.

She’s asking Santa to send more members her way for 2023.

“If there is anybody out there who is interested in having a whole lot of fun, give us a call. We need you,” said Gallant.

“We are out to make a difference for every child in the world.”

At the local level, the international non-profit organization sponsors the Lloydminster Kiwanis Music Festival, for instance.

“We also have a terrific kids program in some of the schools where children are recognized for their thoughtfulness,” said Gallant.

“The teachers pick a different theme every month and they choose a few children who have shown those exemplary examples.”

Kiwanis also has a high school group called the Key Club, which stands for Kiwanis Educates Youth, and teaches youth to provide community service.

“Lately, we’ve had a lot of requests to purchase iPads for non-verbal children. We just purchased a pair of hearing aids for a young boy,” said Gallant. 

“These are just some of the things we do. Check us out on Facebook or if you know a Kiwanis member, get in touch with them or call me.”