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Students parade LloydMall over love of reading

By June 9, 2022No Comments
Students from Destiny Hall’s Grade 3 class made their way from St. Mary’s Elementary School to the LloydMall last Friday afternoon as they hosted a reading parade to talk about their favourite author. Taylor Weaver Meridian Source


No matter the age, there’s always common ground and love when it comes to reading.

That was the message Destiny Hall, a Grade 3 teacher at St. Mary’s Elementary School, delivered to her students last Friday afternoon during her class’ reading parade at the LloydMall.

“Over the last month and a half we’ve been doing a genius project where the students had to go online and research an author,” said Hall. 

“I had 40 authors on a list and I guided them to pick an author that suits their personality and reading interests, and really, just get them to fall in love with reading.”

Once an author was picked, Hall noted students did the majority of the work and research on their own.

“They took that information and put it on posters and we decided to make a parade and show all of our hard work. We then decided to bring the parade to the LloydMall, read a story, dress up a bit, and just promote reading and literacy.”

After the parade, Hall and her class stopped outside of the Lloydminster Public Library to read The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munch.

“They had a great time and we had a great audience. A lot of the parents came out to support and look at everyone’s project. It’s been amazing.”

One of Hall’s students, named Everly, picked Walt Disney as her author and even wrote up a little biography on the famous television producer to incorporate into her project.

“I told them all about where he was born, when he died, and his favourite characters were Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck,” said Everly.

“I picked Walt Disney because I like all Disney characters, especially Stitch.”