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Dr. Phone Fix accepting new patients

By August 5, 2022No Comments
Lloydminster Chamber president Jody Herbus was all smiles as he and Mayor Gerald Aalbers welcomed Dr. Phone Fix CFO Shaun Merriman to the Border City during the company’s ribbon-cutting ceremony last Tuesday. Photo Courtesy of the Lloydminster Chamber


The Dr. is in … Dr. Phone Fix that is.

Based in Edmonton, Dr. Phone Fix is one of, if not the fastest growing cell phone and electronic repair chains in the country, and opened its doors to Border City clients on Tuesday morning with a ribbon cutting. 

The company’s CFO, Shaun Merriman, was welcomed by Lloydminster Chamber president Jody Herbus and Mayor Gerald Aalbers for the official grand opening, and noted Dr. Phone Fix is excited to tap into this new market.

“Our bread and butter is phone repairs. We do other repairs on things like laptops, tablets, Apple watches and other wearables, but our bread and butter is definitely phone repairs,” said Merriman.

“We really have three different revenue streams which would be repairs, our certified pre-owned devices, and accessories.”

Merriman explained Dr. Phone Fix stands out from the rest due to the company’s ability to stock supplies needed for repairs.

“Our inventory and supply chain is very competitive in the way that it allows us to keep inventory on-hand for the most popular repairs, which allows us then to turn repairs around in a timely manner,” he said. 

“I know for me, when I go to get my phone fixed, that’s the only phone I have, so just like the majority of our clients, I’d like my phone back as quickly as possible.”

“Everybody has cell phones and there’s certain things they would not do without and a cell phone is one of them,” added Warren Michaels, director/brand and business development.

“People are now keeping their phones slightly over three years as opposed to model changes almost yearly. And so if a recession was to hit, people would be buying our pre-owned phones rather than buying up.”

Dr. Phone Fix is located at 7003B 44 St, Lloydminster, Alta. and can be reached at 780-875-7291.