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Judges revved up over student autos

By June 13, 2024No Comments
Kylie Bosch was all smiles after judges seemed to like her rusty 1975 Ford F-100 truck, entered in the redneck and custom truck category at LCHS’s Car and Truck Show held last Wednesday. Geoff Lee Meridian Source


Judges at this year’s Car and Truck Show at Lloydminster Comprehensive High School were blown away by strong winds and most of the 28 vehicle entries.

One of the attention-getters was a green-coloured, 1975 Ford F-100 shown by student Kylie Bosch.

“I love it because it’s original and it’s authentic. It’s fun and redneck,” said judge Rita Reiger in the school parking lot last Wednesday.

“She’s got the three on the tree and that makes it even cooler,” said Reiger.

The truck checked off a lot of boxes in the most redneck and custom truck categories to the delight of Bosch, who says the truck actually belongs to her and her dad.

“We got it from a farmer for $700 and he got it running right there in the field and we fixed it up. We’ve got chrome wheels on it. We fixed up the interior, cleaned it up, put a seat cover on because it was all ripped up,” said the teen.

“We swapped the motor entirely because the other motor was burning oil and we just swapped it for the same one.”

Bosch says she acquired an interest in vehicles by playing video games and helping her dad work on them.

She’s taking Mech Auto 20 at school right now as well as doing welding and machining this semester to hone her skills around vehicles.

“I haven’t really worked on this truck, but we’ve worked on my car and other vehicles in mech auto,” she said.

Last year, she entered her dad’s drag truck and she couldn’t wait to enter the show again with her F-100.

“I really like going. It’s my favourite part of the year actually. I love it,” she said.

It’s also fun for judges like Reiger and her daughter Ashley from the Just Kruzin’ Specialty Vehicle Club and Paradise Garage with their clipboards in hand.

“It’s a lot of fun. The kids are great as usual and they take pride in whatever they’re driving,” said Reiger.

“We judge on interior, exterior, their knowledge of the vehicle and that fun stuff. Kids nowadays, they sure work hard for their stuff. I’m impressed.”

The show is spearheaded by teacher Victoria Oldershaw with this year’s entries ranging from classic cars and imports to big trucks.

“This year, we have more classic cars than we have in the past,” said Oldershaw.

One of those is a 1979 Pontiac Firebird entered by student Brody Adamos who also put it in the loudest exhaust category, but he wasn’t banking on blowing away the competition with noise.

“I haven’t done anything to it, yet. I got it a couple of days ago from a guy,” he said, noting it came with new headers and a new exhaust and was an impulse purchase.

“I just saw it; a good deal; I just thought well if I do something to this, I know I can make it look right,” said Adamos.

“I know I’m going to put in a new cam and probably a high-performance carburetor on it and maybe a new exhaust, so it’s louder.”

He says he also lets his dad drive it.

“He really likes it,” said Adamos adding the Firebird had won a few events before at shows in Edgerton and Lloydminster.

Students who have worked on their own vehicles can enter them in the blood, sweat and tears category.

“They meet with judges and tell the story of the car. This year we have nine entries in that.

It’s the most we’ve ever had,” said Oldershaw.

This year’s show even had a dune buggy with a Buick engine in it.

“It’s a got a Volkswagen-like body and I believe the suspension is pieced together. It’s a fully custom vehicle,” explained Oldershaw.

She says the show has been going on since the 1960s and thinks the interest in vehicles is cool.

“We love cars, we love engines, we love fast things. There’s just a lot of passion,” she said.

Just Kruzin’ has been with us since the beginning.

“We have amazing sponsorships plus businesses. Our own students go out and solicit prizes. We have amazing prizes for these kids.”